Tampa Bay Fishing with Mom 07/21/2012

Posted on 23 July 2012

[caption id="attachment_114" align="alignleft" width="227"]Mom with red Mom with a nice little red[/caption]We had a late tide this past weekend (3:45pm); it was nice to sit in the air condition during the most intense part of the day. I loafed around until about 2pm. Got up and got the equipment ready, hooked up the boat and I was on my way. Mom wanted to get out and do a little fishing, so I stopped and picked her up and then headed to the ramp. The tide was already pretty high, so we quickly hit the marker in search for bait. As we approached, I could see that the marker was heavily occupied. (Looked like the theater on opening night for the Batman trilogy) so instead of rudely cutting through the anchored boats, I kindly turned around and headed back to the flats. We had a couple dozen select shrimp and artificial, so I felt confident that we would have success. We stopped and I casted moms shrimp into a small opening in the mangroves. It wasn’t long before the cork did a disappearing act; I expressed urgency and told her to keep the rod tip down and to pull hard, up pops a nice little 19 inch red. She released her to fight another day. I quickly re-bait the hook and toss it in the same opening in the mangroves. It hadn’t laid there for more than a few seconds and she was hooked up again. After a short battle, up comes and decent 21 inch fish. [caption id="attachment_115" align="alignright" width="161"]Mom with one of a dozen baby snook. Mom with one of a dozen baby snook[/caption]She revives the little red and it gracefully swims back toward cover. The next 40 minutes was nonstop snook action, every cast yielded a snook. Many which were 15 inches or so. We quickly unhooked the little guys and got them back into the water. The snook population is undoubtedly rebounding. Hopefully with the recent decision to keep the season closed we will see profound future results. She released a dozen or so snook and then the tide started to switch. We switched tempos/tactics and decided to start pitching artificial baits toward the shaded mangrove roots. We caught a couple decent reds from 22-23 inches. Off in the distance I could hear the storms quickly approaching, so we started our way back to the ramp. We got off the water just in time, but boy did it rain cats and dogs. The boat had to sit out in the driveway and be rinsed by Mother Nature until the lightening passed. I finally got baby Hewe (the boat) all cleaned up and put him to bed. Overall it was a great few hours of fishing, hope you all had a safe and successful day too.

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  • Kimberly Taylor. The Mama: September 20, 2014

    Yep that’s me and my first catch of the day. We caught so many fish that day! What an awesome trip! We didn’t even have time to get pics of all those lil beauties… For all that catch the Snook, please don’t keep them, they are they are coming back in multitude but only if we the people do the right thing and let then replenish . We will be rewarded in the long run! Joshua thanks for knowing your stuff and putting me on the fish! I had an awesome few hours! That’s right YOU ARE THE MAN !! I love you!

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