Our Mission: To inspire, educate and create lasting gear, while enhancing the quality of life via engagement of wildlife and the outdoors. 


Salty Scales snook

SaltyScales.com is a social concourse and eCommerce site. Here we supply stylish, bright, fun, and functional gear that will make your trip into the wilderness that much more memorable and comfortable. The Salty Scales blog caters to fishing enthusiasts and inspires people to learn, interact and share ideas about fishing, hunting, and the outdoors. My name is Capt. Joshua Taylor and I reside in the South Shore area. I have been fishing the waters of Tampa Bay for the past 20 years. I plan to have my passion exude throughout the local and internet community, helping people engage with the outdoors. I am an apparel designer, author, and licensed USCG captain. When I envisioned the Salty Scales apparel line, I saw a successful brand that symbolically stood for strength, America and GOD. We strive to create a line of apparel that will withstand the elements and protect the consumer. The ancient warriors inspired the trademark scale design in various cultures; they used fish scale amour to protect vital organs from combat injury. The UPF 50 microfiber shirts merit similar protection because they protect you from harmful UV radiation and ultimately cancer. Salty Scales offers a 365-day GUARANTEE. If you have any failure with our garment that is not user inflicted, we will happily exchange your shirt at no cost within one year. 

Salty Scales has flourished, and one of the reasons it has done so is because of our incredibly loyal customer base; we thank you all for your support and could not have achieved the success that we have without you. Another important factor is my wife, best friend, and business partner: Stephanie Taylor. She works so very hard to accommodate all of our great customers and work so diligently on the accounting aspect of the business. I thank you for supporting me and our business. I also would like to thank the entire Salty Scales team for their pivotal part in making sure we continue to grow and serve our customers on the highest level. 

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