How to Throw a Castnet - Actual Instructions

How to Throw a Castnet - Actual Instructions


In this video, I walk you through the different components that make up a cast net; which include the following: 

  • Handline Swivel Braille Lines 
  • Netting Lead Lines 
  • Weights 

 I then show you step by step a straightforward approach to throwing a large bait net; I noticed many "How to videos" on YouTube, but most don't have explicit instructions on how to load and throw a net properly. In this tutorial, I walk you through the first way I learned to throw a large cast net. It allows you to prepare the net skillfully, load the net and make a cast that opens 99 percent of the time if followed like shown. I also give you the cast net specifications for different water depths and bait sizes. See below for reference purposes: Ideally, your net should have 1.5lbs of lead per radius foot. ¼ inch mesh is ideal for 8 feet of water or less and is perfect for small greenbacks, glass minnows, mud minnows, and pinfish. 3/8 inch mesh is suitable for 12 feet of water or less, typically useful for medium greenbacks, pinfish, and shad. 5/8 inch mesh is suitable for 20 feet or less of water. It's ideal for large greenbacks, shad, pinfish, threadfins and medium mullet, and ladyfish. One inch mesh is used for deepwater and large baits, such as large mullet, ladyfish, and shad. Gear used: Tim Wade custom 10ft net with a 3/8 inch mesh 


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