How to Rig Soft Plastics Fishing Video

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when walking into a fishing aisle at a large retailer and not knowing where to start? There are literally thousands of hooks, lures of all styles, colors etc... I created this tutorial to help you have a better understanding of how to rig your soft plastic baits. I know the video is a little long but I tried my best to condense all of the information in the least amount of time possible. Watch as I walk you through the different ways to rig your soft plastics using jig heads and a variety of worm hooks. I also show you some of my favorite lures that I personally use to catch hundreds of fish every year. If you find this video to be helpful, please rate and subscribe Products in this video: Gulp Shrimp D.O.A Cal Shad Little Johns by Mirrolure Exudes Mission Fishin Jig Heads Owner and Gamakatsu Hooks

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