Closer Look at the Stradic Spinning Reels FK

As a well known range of spinning reels, Stradic Series are one of the most popular reels Shimano has introduced. For those of you who remember the Stradic ST-2000, must also know that it was the first ever spinning reel that was marked as the reel choice across the world amongst fishing aficionados, about 14 years ago. A long time has passed since then and so have a lot of Stradic models. Now, with its new Stradic FK series, Shimano has made use of the latest technology and material to deliver unparalleled performance as well as durability.

New Design Philosophy

The brand new FK series utilizes the latest design philosophies and Shimano technology, all the while building upon effective drawings of the past. To begin with the new Stradic FK series isn’t white but a shiny, silver reel highlighted with a deep blue on the spool. The reel boasts steep, elegant lines that don’t sacrifice on the strength of the new Stradic FK features termed “Hagane” by Shimano. Every aspect is completely constructed out of metal that results in increased rigidity and decreased body flexing.

G Free Body Technology

Shimano Stradic FK series has been integrated with the latest “G Free Body” Tech, with the sole purpose of shifting the reel’s center of gravity closer to the fishing rod. Shimano managed to achieve this by shifting the oscillation mechanism from the beneath the reel and close to the top, exactly 19mm closer. By shifting the center of gravity near an angler’s hand, the G Free tech aids in enhanced comfort in casting and reduced fatigue.

Experience Stardic FK

Stradic FXWhen trying out the Stradic FK, the first thing you’ll notice is the smoothness of the reel. The anti-reverse system of this reel is quite solid, among the best to date, and features a newly designed anti-reverse bearing that reduces friction by up to 25%, a difference that is readily noticeable. When cranking the reel of Stradic FK you’ll notice that the rotor is visible and isn’t shaped like the traditional cylinder but a funnel-like fashion.

You will get used to its angular rotor in no time, as it’s extremely well balanced with no detectable vibrations, even during rapid rotations. The rotor design of the FK series is actually more rigid, about 200% more than the previous FJ model. The increased rigidness is for the purpose of providing anglers with more power when battling a fish. Despite the Hagane body being aluminum and rotor being a composite, it oozes high quality and is very solid.

Evidently Shimano has gone at great lengths to make the Stradic FK series more powerful, refined, and smoother reel than the earlier models. At the core of the design is Hagane gear that’s extremely precise, which isn’t cut out but forged to minute 3D measurements and specifications. By forging gears in this way it leaves little to no room for any inconsistencies in between the teeth, and this gear can even be hardened for increased durability in the long run.

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 Shimano Stradic 3000 FK HG - Frontdrag spinning reel, Hagane concept

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