How to Connect Your Fishing Line To a Reel with the Arbor Knot

How to Connect Your Fishing Line To a Reel with the Arbor Knot

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The Arbor fishing knot, also known as the Arbor knot, is an essential knot every angler should know. This simple yet reliable knot securely attaches your fishing line to the reel spool. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on tying the Arbor fishing knot and offer some valuable tips to ensure a strong and dependable connection that won't fail.

How to Tie the Arbor Fishing Knot

Step 1: Prepare your equipment: Before tying the Arbor fishing knot, ensure your fishing line and reel are ready. Ensure the reel is securely attached to your fishing rod and the line is threaded through the rod's guides. Having everything prepared will make the knot-tying process smoother.

Step 2: Create an overhand knot toward the end of the mainline.

Step 3: wrap the line around the spool: Hold the tag end of the line in your right hand. 

Step 4: wrap the tagline under the main line and back through the center, making a slip loop. 

Step 5: Cinch the knot down until taught on the spool; make sure the overhand knot cinches down to the opening of the knot. 

Step 6: Tightening and trimming: Moisten the knot if using mono or fluorocarbon with water or saliva to lubricate it, which helps prevent friction and ensures a smoother tightening process. Hold the tag end and the mainline firmly, and pull them simultaneously to tighten the knot. As you tighten, ensure the wraps align neatly and snugly against the spool. Once the knot is secure, trim the excess tag end close to the knot using scissors or a line cutter.

Mastering the Arbor fishing knot is an essential skill for any angler. Following the step-by-step instructions in this article, you can confidently attach your fishing line to the reel spool, knowing it is fastened securely. Practice tying this knot, which will become second nature, allowing you to focus on the thrill of landing your catch.

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