Fishing Hack: Wrapping Old Fishing Line

Fishing Hack: Wrapping Old Fishing Line

The fishing line is what ultimately connects you to the fish, it is something to be respected and cared for, but every single one of us who fishes has some tangled old-line lurking inside some long-abandoned drawer or tackle box. Well, free some space and free your mind from all that line with a simple trick.

The Old Fishing Line Hack

As we were preparing for some shark fishing, I found I had to deal with many fishing lines in our storage area. Luckily a friend of mine showed me a simple trick some years back for quickly winding up all of that old line.

This is a great little fishing hack that you can use to save a lot of time and keep organized while doing it. You will need a few household standard tools such as:

  • a drill
  • drill bit
  • Screw
  • duct tape
  • plastic bottle.

This technique is the easiest, most efficient way to remove old fishing line from your reel. You can watch our video tutorial here.

The Steps:
1. Drill a hole in the center of the water bottle cap. Put the screw into the lid.

Fishing hack

Use a screw that has threads to the head, which prevents slippage.
Put the screw through with the point facing "up" if the cap was still on the bottle.

I Start by screwing a small hole in the center of the bottle cap. Simple as that. Then insert your screw into the lid, allowing the shaft of the screw to stick out. The excess is what's inserted into the drill.

2. Attach the screw to your drill, attach the bottle to the cap.

Drill fishing hack

Get the bottle on there relatively securely. Make sure the drill can still spin without chewing up the bottle.

3. Slowly begin to wind the fishing line around the bottle.

The drill is doing the work for you. Spin it slowly to avoid causing an even more significant mess.

4. Dispose of the bottle and line in the recycling bin.

Of course, you can replace the water bottle with something else that accomplishes the same tasks, but I like the water bottle, and it works well for me.

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