How to Make a Rod Rack for Under $25

How to Make a Rod Rack for Under $25


In this great tutorial, I show you how to make a ceiling mounted fishing rod rack from scratch for less than $25.00. All you need is a few fundamental tools and a couple of 1 x 4's. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please give a thumbs up, share, and subscribe. Thank you!

How to Make a Fishing Rod Rack for Only $25

An excellent fishing rod rack with which to organize your rods can quickly turn a disaster zone back into a comfortable storage space, work area, garage, etc. While a fancy fishing rod rack can improve the decor of a room, it functionally doesn’t do much more than a stand you put quickly together yourself. For just that reason, should you find yourself in need, it is nice to know how to assemble a fast and inexpensive fishing rod rack. There is also something to say about storing
your outdoor gear on something you made yourself. With our simple guide, you will be able to easily store your rods on the wall or ceiling - a quick way to make the wife a little happier.

How To Assemble the Fishing Rod Rack

Alright, time to get to it. First, we are going to cover the supplies you need, then I’m going to walk you through the assembly process step by step.
What You Will Need:

● 21x4 inch pine boards (42 inches)
● Jigsaw with a fine blade
● Drill with two-inch cup bit
● Sandpaper and hand sander preferably
● Clearcoat or stain for the finish | (Rustoleum) - I like the glow.
● C-Clamp
● Tape Measure

Step 1: Cut your Boards

Cut your Pine (or whatever wood you chose) boards to 42 inches.

Tip: I chose to use a c-clamp and the jigsaw — no need to micromanage how you decide to cut your wood. Just get your boards to the desired size.

Step 2: Drill Through the Boards.
● Start 3 inches from boards edge. Make your first hole.
● Make another hole every 4 inches.
If you want to make sure it is even:
● Lay your boards on top of one another. Clamp them down.
● Mark Center (2” from top) and out 3” from the edge.
● Drill Through Both Boards simultaneously.
● Measure every 4 inches and drill.

Step 3: Round the Corners
● Mark off the edge with a circular disk object. A spool or something similar.
● Do so for all four corners.
● Cut corners.

Step 4: Make Rod Tip Guide Slots
● Using a straight edge, measure angles (around 60 degrees) and mark the lines. You will
make two lines about 1 inch apart at this same angle.
● This pair of lines should angle off the side of a drill hole towards the center of the board.
● Clampdown, the board.
● Plugin your saw. :)
● Cut along the angled lines. Remove a chunk separating our drill holes from the edge of the board.

Step 5: Get Sanding
● Start sanding down your boards. GO over the edges and holes you drilled and remove any rough edges.
● You should use your hands to get well inside the drill holes.

Step 6: Coat the Wood
● Spray down the wood with your coat or stain.

Step 7: Attach Your Mount
● Attach a 90-degree ceiling mount as we did, or choose a mount that works for your situation.

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