How to Rig Cut Greenbacks & Whitebait

How to Rig Cut Greenbacks & Whitebait

Rigging cut greenbacks


Rigging Cut Greenbacks for Bait 

Hey, guys, Captain Taylor here with again, we're out on the Sunshine Skyway fishing pier, and I'm going to show you how to rig cut greenbacks, so follow along, and I'll show you how to do it.

There are a few primary ways that I cut the bait and rig it for maximum productivity. The first way that I want to show you is what they call the "fillet way." You're essentially filleting the fish minus the stomach, and you're going to get a strip that looks like this:

fillet method

Hook the bait in the narrow end of the fillet, and this allows it to flutter. This technique is very productive, especially for mackerel or pelagic fishing in general. The fillet moves and reacts to the tides creating an enticing flash and scent.

Secondly, the best way would be to chop your bait. Here is a threadfin herring, and that is what I'm using today for my demonstration. Yes, it's dead. It has been dead quite a while, but it has been kept on ice. Therefore it's fresh, and that is key. The next best way would be the chunk method. I usually like to chunk near the belly, you know, to get some organs and intestines. Take your hook and hook it right through the belly cavity; your barb would go in through the stomach and out the back. This way is a very effective way to rig. It makes for an easy cast, especially in windy conditions. So that's a very productive way to do so.

Baitfish stomach

The next method would be to use this whole head or the cut part of the head. And all you would do is take your hook and rig it right through the clear part of the nose, and all the stomach entrails and things will hang as you see. Doing this creates a natural slick that frequently gets the bite fired up.

Nose hook baitfish

So try that, it works very well. Next, we'll go right to the tail if you cut the bottom off the fish; what you can do is take the back end of the bait, and you hook it right through the back like this:

Tail hook baitfish

Hooking the bait this way allocates the weight forward, allowing for great casting, obviously, and it's just another super effective way to fish with cut greenbacks. All right, guys, I hope you enjoy today's fishing tips on how to fish with cut greenbacks. If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up. If you haven't subscribed, please subscribe. And hey, comment below. Please tell me what your favorite way is. Here is the video for a more indepth viewing experience. 


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