Rigging Bait for a Bait Cannon - Popsicle Fish Missiles!

Rigging Bait for a Bait Cannon - Popsicle Fish Missiles!

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The bait rockets are the perfect projectile and will help launch your baits up to 300 yards from shore. Not only is this contraption impressive, but it also helps eliminate the need to kayak out baits.  Perfect for surf fishing. To use the device however you have to prep your bait.

 We are going to go through the steps to create your own fish popsicle ammo for a bait rocket. In this case, we are using the new Sand Blaster bait cannon by BunkerUpFishin.com.

 If you missed it, here is the link to our video on it.

Prep Your Bait Ammo in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1: Run Your Hook Through the Eye of the Fish

And have it come out the hard part of the head.

Afterwards, place your sinker into the tube with the swivel out. Then loop the excess wire and pack it down into the cylinder with the bait.


Step 2: Lather the Bait in Menhaden Fish Oil

You can create any concoction you want. You want this oil to get between the water and your fish.


Step 3: Fill the Tube with Water, and Freeze it

Fill the tube with water and let it freeze. The result is a frozen missile of sorts that will launch with authority and quickly melt in the relatively warm ocean currents.


Some Thoughts on the Bait Cannon

Bait cannons are an entertaining accessory for your fishing trips, and can save you quite a bit of time and energy. While we prefer to use the high-quality cannons from BunkerUpFishin.com, there is no shortage of guides for how you can construct your own air pressure bait cannon.

However you go about procuring one, you will quickly see the benefit of having something so useful and fun with you.


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