The Double Uni Knot AKA the Uni to Uni Knot

The Double Uni Knot AKA the Uni to Uni Knot

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You may be wondering how one attaches their leader to the mainline without using hardware such as a swivel? There are many knots that can achieve your desired results but the best in our opinion is the double uni knot. The double uni knot is strong and perfect for both saltwater and freshwater applications, it can also be tied in under one minute with a little practice. This is also the perfect knot for attaching mono to braid. Follow these simple steps:

1. Align the leader and main line parallel to one another like you see in the diagram below.

2. Wrap the mono or fluorocarbon leader around the braid four or five times and pull tight.

3. Now on the opposite side, wrap the braid seven to eight times and pull tight.

4. Moisten the two knots and pull them together until they meet, make sure they are snug as bug with tight coils.

5. Trim the tags on both knots.






When to Use
    1. When connecting braid to mono
    2. Fly fishing
    3. For lure casting


      • The Uni Knot eliminates hardware and helps with a more natural presentation
      • The knot has a 90% breaking strength, which puts it up there with the best.
      • Doesn’t slip when tied correctly
      • Passes through guides much easier than the Albright knot (Much Slimmer profile


      • Not the strongest knot for conjoin leader to the main line
      • Does need practice
      • Mono will often times over stretch when used with braid

      That’s it, it really is a simple fishing knot and once you practice tying the Uni to Uni knot a few times, I think you will agree. If you aren’t having success and need additional knot tying instructions, please have a look at the video below as I show you step by step how to ty the knot so that it doesn’t fail. Comment below, let us know, what is your favorite knot to conjoin your leader to your main line? Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great fishing demonstrations. 









      Double Unit Knot Info-graphic

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