Top Five Googan Baits You Must Try

Top Five Googan Baits You Must Try

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Googan Baits


Googan lures established in 2018, Googan baits is the fastest growing brand in the soft plastic and hard bait category. Anglers of all skill levels find its design and functionality useful. The product's patented design has a high strike rate, but the real popularity stems from the YouTube influencer circle. You may have heard of them, Andrew Flair, Jon B, etc.

With that said, the baits are cool, and they design products capable of displacing a lot of water and attract fish. When the fishing lures is in static mode, the Slaunch Sauce smell that the bait comes infused with helps it attract prey. The artificial lures come in various color options to match the water's forage and turbidity. 

Many Googan bait varieties come in different length-variants, where the design is similar. But for the shorter version, the size is scaled down proportionately. Here, we have provided a list of the top five Googan baits that you must try no matter how experienced an angler you are and what type of fish you want to catch.

Bandito Bug 

Bandito Bug Googan Baits


The Bandito Bug 4" is one of the most highly-rated Googan baits in their line up. The product comes in more than ten color varieties and contains seven units in a pack. The product's length is 4 inches, and the baitcasting ratio for the reel should ideally be between 6.1:1 and 7.5:1. 

The recommended length of the rod for Bandito Bug 4" is between 6'6" and 7'6". The rod should be suited for heavy-power fast to extra-fast action. It should be braided and capable of bearing loads between 30lbs and 50lbs. 

Bandito Bug 4" will provide a magnificent strike-enticing action when it hits the water if all these recommendations are completed. The bait has a superior design allowing for a unique flutter action. It also has highly engineered flanges attached at the tips of each of his arms. Such a design equips the bait with significant drawing power. The method efficiently serves to call in the fish and triggering strikes, with an intensity that other baits can hardly match. 

When the Bandito Bug is in motion, it appears similar to a swimming craw or minnow. If it is in a static mode, the Slaunch Sauce smell does enough to convince an on looking bass to take a swipe.

Bandito Bug Googan baits also come in the size of 3.3". It is a soft bait that works perfectly on a jig. It works great for the finicky fish that can be hard to entice. The design of both Bandito bug varieties is the same. Both of them have a 3.3"-variant scaled down in proportion. 

The products come in clamshell packaging in a ready-to-fish mode. The flanges are painted, making sure that every appendage gets the perfection to catch some mondos. The product comes nine in a pack.


Saucy Swimmer

Saucy Swimmer Googan Baits


Saucy Swimmer comes in sizes of 3.3", 3.8", and 4.8". The first size-variant is available eight in a pack, the second one is available seven per pack, and the third one is available in a six-pack. 

Ideally designed with in-line ribs and the belly boot style tail, the product is perfect for grabbing and dispersing water while swimming. The design equips the rear with the ability to thrust an irresistible wagging kick and move with a natural wobbling motion. 

One should use the bait on a light-weighted hook if hunting for shallow fish. If you are looking for deep fish, it is better to rig it on a jig head. To create a more life-like bait profile with Saucy Swimmer, you can sauce it up with a vibrating jig that will amplify the thumping action. Or, you can use it on spinnerbaits and buzz baits. 

The product is available in multiple colors that match the forage in your water. To attract fish, when the bait is in static mode, it is infused with Slaunch Sauce. The product comes aligned in clam packs as it gives the angler a top-notch action the moment it hits the water. 


Trench Hawg 6"

Trench Hawg


The Trench Hawg 6" comes in ten color-varieties. The length of the bait is 6 inches, and one pack contains seven. For gear recommendations, the ideal baitcasting ratio for the reel should be between 6.1:1 and 7.5:1. The rod should ideally be sized between 6'6" and 7'6", matching the needs of heavy or heavy-power fast action to extra-fast action. The bait is recommended for use with fluorocarbon lines that can bear loads between 10 and 20 lbs. 

Trench Hawg 6" is a bait packed with functional features. Its shape and flags are created in such a way that the bait can disperse loads of water. High water-displacement capacity is a highly-rated quality when it comes to enticing bites. Trench Hawg is also great to use as bait when combating the biggest fish in the waters. It is a heavily-powered bait with robust structural properties. Although it works perfectly on a Texas rig, the best performance comes when dragged on the bottom as a monster-hunting Carolina. 


Krackin' Craw

Krackin Crawl Googan Baits


The Krackin' Craw variety of Googan baits come in more than ten color varieties. The length of the lure is four inches, and there are seven individual units in one pack. As far as the recommendation for the most compatible gear is concerned, the Krackin' Craw works perfectly with reels having a baitcasting ratio ranging between 6.1:1 and 7.5:1. 

The length of the rod should ideally be between 6'6" and 7'6". It should also suit the needs of heavy-power fast to extra-fast action. The line could be braided or fluorocarbon. The load-bearing capacity can vary between 30 and 50 lbs for braided lines, whereas for fluorocarbon, it should fall between 14lbs and 20lbs. 

Krackin' Craw Googan baits are the perfect options for flipping, pitching, or adding to the back of a jig trailer. The design is patented with its unique kicking claws. The bait's water displacement capability is noticeably high, resulting in delivering what it needs to call in big fish. 

Overall, the bait has an excellent profile for action. The design is highly versatile with its creepy pinchers, restless legs, and the v-ridge. To make the bait function efficiently when in static mode, it is infused with a Slaunch Sauce scent. 


Mondo Worm

Mondo Worm Googan Baits


The Mondo Worm Googan baits of 10-inches size variety come in a pack of eight. With unique shell segments, an elongated body, and a hyper tail, the soft bait is a perfect combination of smooth texture and aggressive action. When not in motion, the Slaunch Sauce scent works perfectly as an enticer. Mondo Worm 10" is available in eight colors. This variety was developed to catch big ol' bass. The ideal way to use 10" Mondo Worms is to rig it up with a 5/0 hook. 

The ideal recommendation for Mondo Worm-compatible gear includes reels with a baitcasting ratio between 6:1 and 7.5:1. The rod should be between 6'6" and 7'6" in length, matching the needs of heavy-power fast to extra-fast action. For braided lines, the ideal load-bearing capacity should be between 30 and 50 lbs. If the line is a fluorocarbon, it should range between 14 and 20lbs. 

Mondo Worm also has a smaller 7.25" variety. It is a proportionately scaled-down version of the 10" Mondo Worm that does not compromise with the original's catching ability. The compatibility requirements for a 7.25" variety are the same as the original for the reel, rod, and line. The recommended hook is a 3/0 or 4/0. The 7.25" version is perfect for being dragged on the back of a Texas rig or a Carolina Rig.



Your selection of the Googan pick would depend on the nature of the water you are fishing in, the concentration of fishes, and the types of fish you aim to catch. But, to get the best performance out of your bait, you must try to use it with the recommended varieties of fishing gears. The type of line used, the reel's baitcasting ratio, and the rod's length play a crucial role in the bait achieving its optimal efficiency level. There are numerous baits on the market, and a large portion of them will catch fish; I think research and development are critical when designing a new lure. Fish pay attention to visual aids, vibration, size, and scent, of course. I believe the Googan bait squad has introduced lures that will definitely catch fish, but get out there and try them for yourself. Have you used Googan baits before? What are your thoughts? Are they worth the hype? Comment below and let us know. Until next time, we will see you on the water. 








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Rui Manuel Marques Semedo

Rui Manuel Marques Semedo

Good morning. I have a fishing shop and Would like to market your items. Is there a representative in Europe I can contact. Thank you.

Good morning. I have a fishing shop and Would like to market your items. Is there a representative in Europe I can contact. Thank you.

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