Pro Staff

Interested in becoming part of our pro staff? We are looking for successful individuals who share a passion for the outdoors. Do you fish tournaments or have an outdoor network? If so, please email your resume to for consideration. Please remember our review process is very extensive and we are very selective but always appreciate your request. 

Our Pro-staffers:

Out Da' Bayou TV hosted by John Jackson 

John Jackson will host and is also the show's producer. John's award winning Production Company shoots strictly in high definition, and he will bring the same high production quality and standards to "Out Da'Bayou as he has to "Louisiana Outdoor Adventures" and "Six Seconds of Freedom" (An award winning documentary on the Angola Prison Rodeo).John has been producing national award winning Outdoor TV in Louisiana for the past 16 years. He has worked with HBO. ESPN. ABC. CBS.Tiger Woods. Dale Earhart JR.., the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and Bryant Gumbel's Real Sport.


Lee Alameida 

 Raised in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, Lee Alameida was surrounded by fishing throughout his upbringing. His grandfather along with the majority of his paternal family had a passion for Ulua (Giant Trevally) fishing, and it is through his grandfather where he first found his love for the sport of fishing.
Growing up, his family would go crabbing and while waiting on the traps, they would fish. Lee caught his first fish during one of these outings, and has been hooked ever since. At the age of 22, Lee made the move to Florida and met some local fishermen who taught him some skills of the trade. A few years later, Lee moved back to the islands, and pursued his love for Ulua fishing. Lee has tested many different fishing techniques, evolving from shoreline fishing to paddle out fishing (POF), a technique using a kayak to take lines out from shore to fish in deeper water. As a natural progression from paddle out fishing, Lee began to fish for his own bait right off the kayak. Hooking into a Yellow Fin Tuna for the first time from a kayak, Lee found his true calling, and decided to focus his efforts on kayak fishing.

In just a short time, Lee has become quite the local sensation, known as “Blue Ranger” by islanders, referencing his unmistakable Ford, which can be spotted at local fishing spots on any given day. Through the sport, Lee has been blessed with meeting many other local fishermen who he shares his passion with. Over the years, Lee has been received sponsorships from the Business that help him reach his goals, such as Penn Fishing, Fenwick, Berkeley, and Abu Garcia. Local sponsorships from Adventure Sports Maui, and Maui Island Ice, help to keep the passion strong on a somewhat isolated Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  

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