Florida Alligator Attacks - The Ugly Truth

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Alligator sun bathing 

Is it me, or is society blowing the few alligator attacks way out of proportion? Search engines have seen an enormously large influx in searches pertaining to "alligator attacks," "how to avoid alligator attacks," "how to kill alligators," etc.… I am all for educating yourself about alligators, but this is not the time to hold a grudge against our prehistoric native species. They have survived millions of years because of their ability to roam the land, waterways and by using their stealthy camouflage when feeding. You have to use common sense, if you know that there are alligators, "THEN DON'T ENTER THE WATER" You are now entering into their domain and asking for trouble. Alligators are incredibly active right now due to the heat and mating season.

They are more aggressive and have large appetites. Would you enter a lion's den and run laps? I am hoping you answered "NO." I'm sure there are a few that would see absolutely nothing wrong with that scenario. Do not feed the alligators; there was a guide down in the south region that just lost his hand by showing folks from out of state that he could feed the gator and bring him in "real close." He achieved what he set out to do, but I'm sure he didn't expect that he would be without an appendage at the end of the day. Now that you have entered into the alligators domain and have been bitten, now the reptilian has to be euthanized and it's a lose, lose situation for both you and the wildlife. Keywords of the day: Common Sense


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