May 2013 Fishing Report

[caption id="attachment_322" align="alignright" width="300"]Redfish Stephanie's Redfish[/caption] As the warm trend continues, the bite steadily improves. The snook are slowly transitioning from their winter time patterns and redfish are stirring up an appetite. The mouths of the creeks and rivers have been producing best on high tides and at the beginning of the outgoing tides. Bait has made a great show in numbers, they can be found at most of the major bridges and markers. Scaled sardines will surely help increase your catch ratio. You know the saying “Chum and they will come” Pitch out a few wounded baits and cast right into the mix, once the fish start to frenzy, they lose their sense of danger for the most part and focus strictly on eating. Just make sure that you make no abrupt movements or noise and you should do well. During this time of year, white bait under a Cajun Thunder cork should be all you need to boat fish. Remember, snook are still protected and should be handled with delicate care. Correction, all fish that you don’t intend to keep should be handled with care. Limit the time out of water; don’t drag them on the boat or shore. Make sure to properly revive fish, so they can fight again on another day. Until next time, get out there and bend a rod. The weather is nice and the bite is strong!

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