Silver Trout Invade the Tampa Bay

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In general, fishing has been pretty good, but the species that stands out among many is the tenacious silver trout. They have invaded the bay. Silver trout might not appeal to the more experienced angler due to their size and ease of catching, but they make an excellent target for novice anglers looking for an easy delicious meal. Silver trout are the sister species to the speckled trout, which are also plentiful this time of year but carry a steep size regulation. The key areas have been in deeper sand pockets around the south shore area; my target depth is 10 - 15 feet of water. Simmons Park has a few great sand holes like the one referenced above. This time of year, the flats are loaded with baitfish that like to devour live shrimp, so my preferred method is to jig with artificial.


Silver Trout


A white grub tail/Gulp on a 1/8 jig head will be all that you need to catch dozens of silver trout. Allow the jig to sink and slowly bounce it off the bottom. A productive cadence is a jerk, jerk, drop rhythm. Allow the jig to sit still for a few seconds because silver trout are aggressive and will often grab your lure as it lies motionless on the seafloor. Light spinning tackle will give you the edge and prevent your arms and wrist from tiring. Silver trout currently have no size or bag limits but remember to keep only what you need and release the rest to be caught another day. There are no better species to start with than the silver trout if you are trying to turn your kids or grand-kids onto fishing. Once this tropical storm passes, get out there and bend a rod. Until next time, tight lines!



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