Tampa Bay Grouper & Trout

Ryan and I went out in search for reds, but when the bite was slow with only a couple small snook, and flounder to show. We decided to head out to the deeper waters in search of the notorious Tampa Bay grouper. It wasn't long until we hooked up with a beast, pulling drag on a locked down reel. This fish unfortunately won the battle and took us into the rocks as I was handing off the rod to Ryan. As we watch the fish finder and see that there are grouper hovering over a particular rock, we take another pass by and sure enough up comes a nice 27 inch grouper. We trolled around for a little while longer only to be greeted by a fat little 22 inch grouper. All fish were released to be caught another day, the season officially opens July 1st. Overall it was a great day considering the tides and weather were not favorable.

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