How to Rig a Popping Cork For Redfish & Trout

Here is a tutorial on how to rig a popping cork for redfish and trout. The popping cork is an extremely effective and simple technique to catch fish. The tools needed include a medium to light spinning rod, soft plastic lure or ½ -1/4 ounce DOA shrimp, 20-30lb fluorocarbon mono-filament leader and a popping cork. I chose the Cajun Thunder cork because of durability, and construction with both plastic and brass beads. The thrashing of the cork resonates a high pitch noise that fish cannot resist. When the fish investigate the surface commotion, they are quickly greeted by the artificial lure, which entices the strike.  You want to retrieve the lure at different speeds and test different cadences for best results. Add a little touch of Gulp spray to your lure for an additional advantage. If you like this tutorial, please like, share and subscribe and I will continue making helpful videos. Thank you! Gear & apparel: Fishware Outfitters apparel Cajun Thunder popping cork 25lb Mono-filament leader 1/2 DOA shrimp Also be sure to visit:

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