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Fishware Microfiber 

I received a few fishing shirts and buffs from Fishware Outfitters the other day; the idea was to try them out to evaluate the durability, comfortability and make sure they function like they should when on the water. I have to admit; I am thoroughly impressed with the construction and breathability of the microfiber performance wear. They are now one of my "go-to" shirts when I'm on the water, especially in the treacherous summer heat we have here in central Florida. With FishWare Outfitters, Trey sent me the white microfiber long sleeve shirts with the redfish tail and snook design on the back. The designs add a neat flare to the light yet comfortable material. Don't confuse the word "light" with cheap, the material seems reliable, and the seams are well sewn together. A feature that I love on the Micro performance shirts is the ventilating mesh on the sides.

There is nothing better than a light breeze flowing through the shirt when temperatures are nearing 100 degrees. The shirts are rated to UPF 40 to protect from the harsh rays emitting from the sun. My funny looking farmer's tan that I acquired this past weekend proves that the material does stop the harmful rays. The proprietary blend of microfiber materials almost repels water to the point that if you immerse the shirt completely, it dries within just a few moments when in direct contact with sunlight. The water test was done after throwing my cast net and also when I would grab baits from my live well. The sleeve would be completely soaked, but it would dry within minutes. I am terrible at keeping a shirt clean while fishing, whether it is a bird defecating, fish defecating, or fish blood. I always seem to create a mess. I liked the shirts when I washed them, the stains were removed from the fabric without me applying any special stain removers. This was very impressive because I can't explain in writing how frustrating it is trying to remove large bloodstains from the $50.00 Columbia shirts. I have spent hours scrubbing stains until I give up. Speaking of Columbia shirts, Trey also sent me the professional guide series shirt, which resembles the Columbia shirts. Still, the material, in my opinion, is a lot more comfortable and lighter. The shirt features the breathing pocket in the back and the industry's highest sun rating protection, which equates to 97-.5-99% UV radiation blocked.

The shirt is perfect for having your custom logo added to give your business a professional look you desire. I also would like to add that FishWare Outfitters is located right here in the U.S.A, which I am sure we can all appreciate. I have tested the buff, aka face mask, and like it a lot; the only thing I would like to see is new designs based around fish species. The mesh allows for easy breathing, and they are UV protected for optimal protection. Overall the preliminary consensus is that Trey and FishWare Outfitters make a great product that will be around for a long time. I am in the process of ordering many custom shirts with my logo and a variety of new colors from Trey. Be sure to check out his products and inquire about custom designs; he can help you elevate your presence.

*Written before the inception of Salty Scales



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