Badfish Lure Box - Is it Worth It?

November 12, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

You may have seen the numerous fishing boxes floating around the web, but what about the NEW Badfish box? A few months ago, Marty reached out from Badfish and asked if I would do an unboxing/review. At first, I was a little skeptical because, in reality, I didn't' think there was much more they could offer that wasn't already on the market. I have been through all of the Mystery and Lucky Tackle boxes and canceled the subscriptions because they became less intriguing as the months would pass. I felt like many of the end boxes were just quick filler products to be one hundred percent. Now, remember, I am writing this to express my views; this is not a paid promotion by any means.

Badfish Box

My Badfish Box Experience

I liked the quick shipping and email updates to let me know that my package had shipped. Upon arrival, I inspected the box, and it was clean with great graphics and branding. I probably pay more attention to minute things because we pay close attention to branding and so on at Salty Scales. I was eager to open the package and inspect the new lures. When ordering from Badfish, you have many different box options. These include:

Monthly subscription options that cater to both the northeast or the southeast. I naturally chose the one from the south since I am stationed in tropical Florida. I opened the box and was instantly greeted with high-quality inshore fishing lures such as Zman shrimp, Mirror Lure Top Dog, YoZuri top waters, jig heads, trolling spoons and so forth. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of these lures are what I would purchase at the big box stores. There were a few new brands that I wasn't completely familiar with, but that is fine by me because they push me out of my comfort zone. The mystery lures, I think, help me improve as an angler, making me try new products that I otherwise might pass up.

Have a look at my very first Badfish unboxing here:

I am now four months in and still couldn't be happier with the products and service quality. I figured I would be a little more critical considering that I have received dozens of boxes before trying Badfish. I may have even wanted to find flaws in the beginning but have struggled to do so. So kudos to Marty and the Badfish team for really taking the time and doing research to find the very best companies in the lure industry. You can tell there was a plan put into motion, and it wasn't done just for monetary gain. Marty did the research, and it reflects in the boxes.

The Redfish Crate

I did receive my very first redfish Crate by Badfish this week, and let me tell you, if you need to fill a tackle box with excellent lures, then you may want to check out the crates. Here is the video unboxing for your viewing pleasure:


Want to try the Badfish subscription service? Use code: "Salty Scales" at checkout and save $10 off your first box. Click here to get yours: Badfish




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January 13, 2023

Can we see a striper crate review?

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