Black Friday Fishing Deals 2020

Black Friday Fishing Deals 2020

Black Friday is rapidly approaching, and you are probably looking for the best Black Friday fishing deals of 2020, am I correct? Here at Salty Scales, we try and bring unique products to the market that will last and are backed by the industry's best service. No, we are not tooting our own horn, okay maybe just a little bit. We take pride in our five-star ratings on platforms such as Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, and BBB. How many companies are genuinely transparent with their customers? This year we have chosen four new Salty Scales Gifts that should make any outdoorsmen's eyes light up on Christmas morning. Let's say it will be far better than opening up a pair of socks (I hope my wife doesn't read this, or maybe she should). Use code: "BlackFriday20" to save big!

Okay, okay, let's get down to it. The coolest fishing products at the best Black Friday prices. Here we go: 

Smallmouth Fishing Patriotic Long Sleeve

Sport the most relaxed smallmouth fishing long sleeve on the market. Not only is it the perfect blend of polyester and spandex. The shirt features cool mesh down the sides and patriotic graphics that will give you goosebumps. The smallmouth is a fierce predator with a tenacious appetite. The single-arm scale sleeve screams masculinity and fun. This design is new for 2021, but we are featuring it for Black Friday; therefore, there is minimal supply. Get yours while you can. 

The NEW Tarpon Salty Scales Gift Pack

We focus on comfort and style, but safety takes priority overall. This gift pack will surely help keep those harmful UV rays at bay. The collection itself features our newly designed straw hat that boasts our high definition tarpon scales. You can match that with the HD tarpon face buff and the Gen 2 tarpon performance long sleeve. The perfect sun pack for any fisherman, especially for those who chase the elusive silver king. Anyone who has ever attempted to subdue one of these magnificent beast can really appreciate their strength and beauty. Bes sure to add the tarpon to the bucket list for the ultimate test and thrill. 

Tarpon fishing gift pack


Fishing Gloves

Protecting the hands from the elements and increasing your grip is easy peasy with the new Salty Scales fishing gloves. The stretch material allows for optimal fit, and choosing the size comes down to medium or large. The flexible fabric will adapt to your unique hand size. The gloves are dye sublimated like our shirts, so you don't have to worry about shrinkage, art peeling, or fading overtime.

Salty Scales Fishing Gloves

Concept Z 13 Fishing Reel

We all love a high-end baitcaster, even more so a baitcaster with new technology. The concept Z by 13 fishing stands out with its loud hot rod orange color, but really, it is what's within that makes the reel unique and special. One notable observation is how smooth it is when reeling but what if I told you it had zero ball bearings? Would you believe me? Well, it does have zero ball bearings, which is pretty cool. One less thing that we have to worry about failing over time. The reel has oversized Japanese Hamai cut gears, ocean armor protection, and 22lbs of drag.

Concept Z Reel

We hope you enjoyed these recommendations, be sure to take advantage of the fantastic Black Friday savings. These are the best deals of the year. We also hope you sign up for the FREE newsletter, where we provide great articles and deals year-round. We ask that you please share this article or refer a friend. Word of mouth allows us to continue strong, and we love serving our fellow outdoorsmen and women.



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