Fishing Memes - Most Popular of 2021

Fishing Memes - Most Popular of 2021

Laughter is the best medicine, they say, and there is a reason for that. In these covid-stricken times, it's laughter that can take your mind away from these rough times and set you up for the thing you love the most. It's the fishing memes that now and then stir up their passion with a good laugh for anglers.


Funny fishing meme 1

Okay, let's start with the one that, at first glance, may appear somewhat cruel. But, aren't jokes mostly about hyperbole, exaggeration, and going over the top to drive the point home? Anglers know how far they can go to keep their fishing spots secure. They put in a lot of effort to explore new locations, and it's frustrating to see that spot becoming crowded. It goes overboard but successfully depicts the desperation of the angler.


Funny fishing meme 2021

Aren't all anglers, nerds in their way? Remember the days when you had to spend a long time on the shore of a lake, or the sea, without your fishing gears. No matter how jolly the surroundings were, did it not make you crave for your fishing gears? This meme is all about that feeling of being alone among all. Living beside a waterbody with the perfect scope for fishing and yet not indulging in it makes even the hunkiest of men alone and sad!


Fishing meme 3

This one is a derivative of one of the most popular and well-known theme templates. The concept is adopted from the illustration of the world-renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow's need-hierarchy principle. Okay, now people may have different needs in their life, but an angler's life is all about fishing. Who cares about relationships going haywire, sleep getting nudged off from the routine, and eating on time becoming a myth when there is ample fish in the water!


Funny rock fishing meme

This meme is spot on in depicting an angler's craving for fishing. Each time we pass by our favorite fishing spot, don't we all feel the same? No matter what we are doing and how important a job we need to finish, do we not feel like dropping everything and get to our spot with rods and reels. It is the spot around which an angler's entire life rotates. Its magnetic charm is hard to resist.

Funny Fishing Quotes & Memes


Fish meme funny

An angler lives in his world. True! But, to survive, the angler needs to make adjustments with the world, consisting of ordinary people. The world from which anglers earn their income to buy even more fishing gear, boats, and what not! The question is, how far are you willing to go to make sure that people don't come in your way of fishing? This meme gives a taste of what anglers are ready to do to keep their fishing-time safe from encroachments. This example is a milder one. We are sure that anglers can travel far longer distances to keep their weekend fishing expeditions immune from the attacks of their overbearing bosses.


Hilarious fishing meme

Well, at first, the meme may appear a bit below the belt. But, it's not that much about the content of the meme. It's about the intent of it. An angler never feels complete with the fishing gear he/she owns. One needs more, and, almost all the time, it appears that your friend or your co-angler has better stuff than you. It's a strange feeling to get over. If you go a bit deeper to explore this feeling, you'll find that it is not about envying your friend or co-angler. It is about your love for fishing that always makes you feel lacking with what you have.


fish meme funny

Fishing is all about patience. One who does not have the tenacity to stay calm and composed at one spot for hours would never succeed in fishing. The act is almost saintly. It's about meditating to become one with the surroundings so that the fishes come to you. No angler wants disruption during this time of selfless wait. No matter how grave the disturbance is or how dear the disruptor is!


Grandpa fishing meme

A spot is of infinite value to an angler. Even Sheldon does not love his spot that much as an angler loves his/her's. Anglers are always delighted after seeing their favorite fishing spot vacant. It's something that words fail to express, and that's why you would love this meme.


work or fishing meme

Nothing drives an angler more than fishing. It turns everything on in your head. You don't like to wake up early and don't want to go each day to the same boring office. You hate your spot in the office -- everything that you hate about your everyday life gets a 180-degree turn when it comes to fishing. Even waking up at the wee hours of the morning seems something to look forward to. Nothing gives more joy than driving to your favorite fishing location. And then comes the view of your favorite spot from afar. Is there any view more joyful than this in the entire world? Probably not.


to many fishing rods meme

The world today follows the theory of survival of the trickiest. Hence, you must be adept at manoeuvering your way out of the crisis. If you have 26 fishing rods, tell your spouse you have only six! It does not hurt the world if you have got your fishing rods hidden, but it makes your life easier. So why not try it!


daughter fishing meme

Nothing gives an angler more happiness than seeing their passion for fishing carried down from one generation to another. The idea of teaching the tricks of fishing to the next generation gives them pleasure. The first fish caught by one's son and daughter is worth more than a million dollars for any angler.


Steak fishing meme

It's all about the spot. A thousand memes would fall short of making it amply clear what the spot means for the angler. An angler would never give up her fishing spot easily. If you still don't believe in this theory, go and find someone who has voluntarily given up her favorite fishing spot. You would have to visit the museum for sure.


Fishing power meme

What does it take to become a good angler? Well, it's not a single factor that helps you to pass the test. It's a mix of multiple factors. Each of them is as important as the other one. Years of experience comes at the cost of sacrificing years of family. Difficult to digest, but true! Only the real passionate ones excel. And, what does it take to pass those long meditative hours before you catch hold of the fish you want? Well, cold beer and a pleasant breeze are coming from the lake help. Never forget to carry your strongest rod. You never know what awaits you!


mental health fishing meme

People talk a lot about having a good quality of me-time these days. For an angler, there's nothing new in it. If you are into fishing, you would never have to worry about having sufficient me-time. Anglers are adept at spending time with themselves that an outsider may easily confuse them for paranoid schizophrenics. But, appearance is not everything. An angler knows what level of perseverance it takes to succeed. Self-talk is the therapy for the angler rather than a disease. It keeps their resolve healthy. So no matter how you see them, anglers talking to themselves are the ones standing undeterred on their mission.

Gone Fishing Meme


don't come back early fishing meme

Angling is about compatibility and camaraderie. It's not about sharing successes and dividing gains at the end of the day. If you want to share the success, you should be ready to share the countless wait hours. If someone has agreed to take you on a fishing trip, stay as long as the expedition is not over. It's one of the basics of fishing in groups. And, if you don't have the tenacity to wait, be ready to go fishing alone the next time.


fishing close to angler meme

Now, angling is about camaraderie as much it is about giving space. If someone has come to fish alone, it only means one thing: she wants to fish alone! Give your co-angler some space; don't encroach upon his area. One thing newly initiated anglers should learn on day zero is that fishing is all about giving the other anglers space and not overcrowding.


Can't get a bite fishing meme

Well, this is one of the golden rules of fishing. If you've managed to catch a fish on your first, it's more to be sad than being happy. One of the implications of catching a fish on your first cast is that the fishes of your spot have become aware. You now may have to wait for hours before you get a bite again. So it's not about being first time lucky. Earning your hours before you catch your first fish is what pays off in the long run.

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