Brown Bomber Fishing Tips

Posted on 15 August 2012

[caption id="attachment_238" align="alignleft" width="300"]Pair of cobia Pair of Cobia[/caption] Brown Bombers AKA Cobia is a prized catch, because of their delicious fillets and ultimate strength. Not to mention the popular method of sight casting, as they linger in the shadows of the markers, buoys and bridges. Learning their feeding habitat will help make them a relatively easy game fish to target. How would I describe Cobia? “Curious”, they are the most curious fish that I have ever fished for.  Markers, bridge pilings, weed lines; foreign objects floating in the water, etc… They investigate it all. Heck, if you have a chum slick, I have even had them come up and lick the prop of the boat. Which by the way is a very popular way to test your angling skills, just set out chum bags near a marker, deploy your baits and hold on. It’s a slower way of fishing, but it can be very productive. Tackle: I personally like to keep a large spinner on board, usually consisting of a 5000-6000 series spinning reel, a stout 7ft rod and a Berkley eel or a bucktail is my choice of tackle. I also have my Diawa Saltist, equipped with an 8ft Calstar rod for live bait options. For the spinner I use 40-50lbs Power Pro, and on my conventional I typically use 50 to 80lb test. Baits: In most cases, Cobia aren’t picky eaters, but I have seen where they prefer particular bait over another.  Popular choices include: Live eels (Hard to come by), Large shrimp, Threadfins, live lady fishing and finger mullet.  How to Approach Them: Cobia are not the most finicky fish, but it’s good to approach them with care, so that you don’t spook them. Typically you will find Cobia staged up in the shadow line of the markers. The best time to see them and fish for them is in the transition period of the tide (Before it switches). Once you spot a Cobia, chances are there will be more than one since, they typically swim in pairs or groups. Kill your motor and make a cast past the fish, start to retrieve the bait to where it passes in front of the Cobia. Don’t cast your bait right on top of the fishes head, you stand a good chance of spooking the fish and sometimes you will only get one or two chances. Utilize these tips to help increase your catch. If you have questions, feel free to post them on the blog.

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  • vince: September 20, 2014

    Lots of good information Ill have to get me some tackle to pursue them. Live eels? Where would you get some at in the Tampa bay? I have to agree about the cum bag I have seen it personally my self. I have also seen them on the flats how rare is that? I still in the progress of hooking up with one so thanks for all the info I will take it.

  • Steph: September 20, 2014

    Cobia is my ultimate favorite fish to catch and eat!

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