How to fish with Artificial Lures

Here is a quick tutorial on a popular cadence that I utilize when fishing artificial lures for redfish, snook, trout etc...This simple method has proven time and time again that it's extremely effe...

How to Rig Plastic Fishing Lures Tutorial

I created this tutorial on "how to rig plastic fishing lures", to help take the guess work out of setting up soft plastic baits. I walk you through the steps on how to rig up D.O.A Cal shads and Ex...

Snapper, Cobia, Ladyfish and Shark In One Cast!

Watch the exhilarating action as we catch sharks and cobia. As I reel in my cobia, a larger one surfaces. Simultaneously Vince catches a snapper on his smaller rod. That is when the cobia inhaled h...
albright knot

How to Conjoin Monofilament line to Braid

Here is an easy tutorial on how to conjoin lines of different diameter or braid to monofilament. This is my version of what some call the Albright knot or the Uni-knot. If you have any questions, p...

Pre-Fishing For the Redfish Tournament

Pre-fishing for the redfish tournament.

Great Fishing Video with Awesome Manatee footage

Here is a great video with awesome fishing action, but it was the manatee that came along and interacted like I’ve never experienced, that made the trip truly special. The manatee was rolling on he...
grouper fishing with planer

Video on How to Use a Planer

After many email requests on clarification on how to use a planer, I decided to make this quick video to help you better understand how to fish with a planer and a few key notes that will help you ...

Stephanie Shows the Men How to Fish

Stephanie showed the men how to fish on this trip. I would say she caught 10 of the 20 reds boated. She used shrimp, cut threadfins and she even threw artificial.
large snook

Large snook Caught on Top water

Here we are fishing the river, with a Zara Puppy just before the switch of the tide. She didn't want a live or dead threadfin but exploded on the puppy the very first cast.