Stephanie Shows the Men How to Fish

Stephanie showed the men how to fish on this trip. I would say she caught 10 of the 20 reds boated. She used shrimp, cut threadfins and she even threw artificial.
large snook

Large snook Caught on Top water

Here we are fishing the river, with a Zara Puppy just before the switch of the tide. She didn't want a live or dead threadfin but exploded on the puppy the very first cast.  
Blackened Redfish Cooking Recipe - Delicious

Blackened Redfish Cooking Recipe - Delicious

Ingredients needed: Chef Paul Prudhomme seasoning 1 Lemon 2 cups of milk A couple fresh fillets of redfish or (your favorite fish)   Step 1. Soak the fillets in milk for a couple of hours if you...
catch and release

Fish Conservation & Why It’s Important

  You’re probably wondering why I am writing on such a topic, when there are literally hundreds of more appealing things to write about.  I feel the need to express the importance of conservation a...
Fishing Report

07/15/2012 Southshore Fishing Report

    We decided to fish the high tide today; the tide was scheduled to be high around noon, so we departed around 9 am. The sun was brutal today; even early, I felt like I was sitting in a convectio...
What Hook Size for Reds & Snook?
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What Hook Size for Reds & Snook?

It's a popular question that we have all asked one time or another. Hook size is significant, not only for good hookup ratios but to protect the fish. Of course, as with all things, everyone has an...

Florida Alligator Attacks - The Ugly Truth

  Is it me, or is society blowing the few alligator attacks way out of proportion? Search engines have seen an enormously large influx in searches pertaining to "alligator attacks," "how to avoid a...
Holy Mackerel - How to Catch the Toothy Critter
Fishing Articles

Holy Mackerel - How to Catch the Toothy Critter

Mackerel fishing slowed down a little with the arrival of tropical storm Betty, but the bay is finally clearing up, and the salinity levels are stabilizing. When we are in-between moons, and the ti...
Fishing Report

4th of July Fishing - Summer Can Be Fire

The full moon happened to fall on the 4th this summer. I was relieved to know that I had the day off, and we had a late high tide. After stopping at South Shore Bait & Tackle, we quickly headed...