best time to fish for redfish

What Is the Best Fishing Season For Redfish?

Customers frequently ask when the best fishing season is for redfish. The sunshine state offers a vast array of species, both inshore and offshore. Many fish species can be caught year-round regard...

How to Effectively Rig for Sheepshead

Here is a tutorial explaining how to rig for sheepshead utilizing very little hardware to prevent snagging on obstruction such as barnacles, oysters etc... The rig consist of a number 1 o...

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Save the grass
drift fishing

Drift Fishing the Rich Grass Flats

  Before I get into drift fishing, I thought I would share a little knowledge regarding Sea-grass. Did you know that there are seven native species of sea-grass in Florida? The seven include: Tu...
best lures for fishing

How to Rig Soft Plastics Fishing Video

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when walking into a fishing aisle at a large retailer and not knowing where to start? There are literally thousands of hooks, lures of all styles, colors etc... I c...
Fishing Articles

Locating Schools of Redfish - How to Find Them

It’s no secret, cooler temperatures welcome an onslaught of fish species. Fish gather in large numbers and actively gorge on huge quantities of white bait that flood the bays and shallow flats. Al...
boat steering wheel wrap

How to Make a Custom Steering Wheel Wrap for Your Boat

  Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have received about a dozen PMs and emails asking questions in reference to the pictures of the wheel wrap that I posted the other day. So I decided to create a qui...
how to texas rig

How to Texas Rig an Artificial Shrimp

Here is a brief instructional video teaching you how to improvise and easily modify a DOA shrimp to be fished via a Texas rig. This helps make the bait weedless and gives it a different action. I...
How to Rig a Live Shrimp for Fishing
Fishing Articles

How to Rig a Live Shrimp for Fishing

Watch as I show you how to rig a live shrimp for fishing. Shrimp, which is a decapod crustacean, is “one of the best” live baits for saltwater fishing. Shrimp are widespread and very abundant; they...