Do You Really Need A Power Pole?

Do You Really Need A Power Pole?

Reasons You Need a Power Pole It's Fast  You'll only get a single shot at that big fish you saw when setting up your base. With a Power-Pole, once an opportunity strikes, you can make it count. Th...
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How to Go About Your Decision to Purchase Flat Skiffs

In the world of fishing, shallow-water fishing is a popular activity for which many people devote their quality time. Even fishing in depths of as little as a foot brings its own sets of rules and ...
best gear for redfish

Selecting the Right Fishing Rod & Reels for Catching Redfish

Among the most popular pursed species by anglers around the East Coast and all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, is the Redfish. As one of the strongest fighters in shallow waters they make for q...
about the stradic fk fishing reel

Closer Look at the Stradic Spinning Reels FK

As a well known range of spinning reels, Stradic Series are one of the most popular reels Shimano has introduced. For those of you who remember the Stradic ST-2000, must also know that it was the f...
Should Biscayne National Park become a No-Fishing Zone?
biscayne closure

Should Biscayne National Park become a No-Fishing Zone?

On June 5th the National Park Service made public its finalized General Management Plan for Biscayne National Park. The officials of Biscayne National Park, despite making commitments to the park ...
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Custom Salty Scales Dye Sublimated Long Sleeve Shirt

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I just wanted to write and make you all aware that we received one of the prototypes back today and everything looked great. It's hard to see the detai...
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Stand Tall With Salty Scales Apparel

The first order for the long sleeve Salty Scales apparel was a hit, we literally sold out of all shirts within 24 hours with the exception of a few. I was very impressed considering we did a soft l...
Skyway Pier Grouper Secrets - Catch More!
skyway grouper

Skyway Pier Grouper Secrets - Catch More!

Have you ever wondered how to locate the rock piles out at the Skyway fishing piers? In this video, I show you exactly how to do just that, this will greatly increase your odds when grouper fishing...

Winter Fishing Tips, Tricks & Secrets

In this video I show you how to utilize Google Earth to locate potential new fishing holes. I also share many tips, secrets and techniques that I use to locate winter time redfish and snook.